DIY Pool Resurfacing and Recoating

DIY pool resurfacing is a way to resurface or recoat your pool and save money. The Pool Renovators have professional resurfacing personnel in WA and NSW, but you may live in a distant location or want to Do-It-Yourself to save money. We can assist with both information and materials to get you on your way to painting your pool.

You can resurface or recoat your pool and save $$$!  Need a quick Quote? Please contact us to get started with your DIY Pool Resurfacing Kit.

A lot of people enjoy the challenge and rewards of DIY home maintenance, so why not resurface your own swimming pool? The benefits are great…

Save by Doing It Yourself
The DIY home renovator or handyman often succeeds with home reno jobs and saves a lot of money in doing so. Do-It-Yourself pool resurfacing is not too different and will save you possibly thousands of dollars!

Easy to Follow Instructions
In your DIY Pool Resurfacing Kit, we include easy to follow instructions. A step-by-step guide on how to successfully re-coat your swimming pool, with friendly phone support if needed.

DIY pool resurfacing Pool Renovators Perth

There is nothing more rewarding for the DIYer to complete a project and save some $$ while they are at it. If you have a few days spare you can recoat your old pool to new again using our Pool Resurfacing Kit and Step by Step recoating guide.

Your Resurfacing Kit
The Pool Renovators will deliver a complete Pool Resurfacing Kit to your door. The kits include all the materials and info needed to carry out your project from start to finish. If you get stuck we are on hand to lend advice.

DIY Pool Resurfacing Made Simple
The resurfacing methods and materials used by The Pool Renovators is proven and long lasting. We recommend a professional installation for an optimal result, however pool recoating can be achieved by DIY or home renovator. Using our simple instructions, materials and your skills, you can achieve an inexpensive alternative in pool resurfacing.

DIY pool resurfacing, fibreglass pools Pool Renovators Perth

For more information please contact us by calling 1300 304 533 or contact us to get started with your DIY Pool Resurfacing Kit.