Paradise at home

This was an old worn out concrete swimming pool with with a tired rendered interior.  The brick paving around the pool was worn and outdated and the rockery was dated and not easy to maintain. 

Client Brief
The client required fibreglass resurfacing of the interior of the pool . The pool paving was replaced with a fresh modern paver and a raised deck was built over the rockery making for easy maintenance. The deck also provide much more usable and shady space in the pool area.  

Before After

Resurface process of existing concrete pool with fibreglass lining Aquaguard 2020:


  • Drain swimming pool.
  • Surface preparation, abrasive sanding of the existing surface, cleaning and chemical etching.
  • Install attachment system.

Application of fibreglass reinforced laminate:

    • Application of the primer coat. VE resin.
    • Application of the reinforcement material CSM.
    • Application of the bulk resin coat. VE resin.

Application of finishing coats:

  • Sanding and bogging the laminate.
  • Completion of attachment system.
  • Application of the under coat.
  • Remedial sanding.
  • Application of the final coat.

Materials and construction:

Bull nose coping – Fremantle Stone Travertine stone paver.
Surround – Jarrah decking, pencil round board walk profile.
Lighting – Aqua Quip Multi-coloured LED Light for interior of the pool.
Interior finish – Aquaguard Fibreglass lining in white.