Variable Speed Pool Pumps, Filters and Plumbing

The Pool Renovators have a huge range of pool Pumps, Filters and plumbing for all pool types. We stock pumps, filters and robotic pool cleaners. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

pool pumps, filters and plumbing

NEW Variable Speed Pool Pumps

The new High Efficiency design of swimming pool pumps can save up to 80% per year on operating costs. Easy motor speed selection allows ideal flow rate for various functions of pool pump – filtering, backwashing, vacuuming, spa jet operation. Near silent operation on low speed. As these super efficient pumps save on run costs you will make your money back in no time!

We have a great range of swimming pool pumps, filters and plumbing to suit your requirements.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss the perfect solution for your swimming pool pumps, filters and plumbing needs.

Pool Filters

Keep your pool sparkling with a quality pool filter from The Pool Renovators. Our range will cover almost all pool requirements, from Cartridge Filters, Fibreglass Media Filters, Sand Filters and more. From smaller swimming pools to larger pools, we can supply, install and test your swimming pool filter to ensure it runs smoothly, efficiently and keeps your pool at its best all year round.

pool pumps, filters and plumbing

Swimming Pool Plumbing

Pool plumbing systems are often forgotten in the setup and maintenance of swimming pools. It is important to ensure your pool operates in a sealed, leak free environment to ensure your pumps and filters operate correctly and for a longer period. The Pool Renovators can test and repair plumbing systems for your swimming pool to give you peace of mind that your equipment is being operated in a safe environment.

Please contact us to discuss your variable speed pool pump or pool filter.

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