Vinyl liner to aqua guard 20-20 conversion

This brick and buttress pool was in need of structural repair and a new internal finish. We repaired the shell and applied an Aqua guard 20-20 fibreglass lining. The result is this beautiful pool looking as good as new. 

Resurface process of existing vinyl pool with fibreglass lining Aquaguard 2020:


  • Drain swimming pool.
  • Surface preparation, abrasive sanding of the existing surface, cleaning and chemical etching.
  • Install attachment system.

Application of fibreglass reinforced laminate:

    • Application of the primer coat. VE resin.
    • Application of the reinforcement material CSM.
    • Application of the bulk resin coat. VE resin.

Application of finishing coats:

  • Sanding and bogging the laminate.
  • Completion of attachment system.
  • Application of the under coat.
  • Remedial sanding.
  • Application of the final coat.