Swimming Pool Lights

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Swimming Pool Lights

Ultra-intense Light Emitting Diodes or LED swimming pool lights are the popular choice for pool lighting and are the more common upgrade to older incandescent light bulbs and lamps. LED lights have great advantages for swimming pool lighting.

Advantages of LED Pool Lights

  • LED pool lights use less power
  • They are more durable and generally last longer
  • Easier to water proof LED lights
  • They give more lighting options, modes and colours.

With LED lights designed to fit most existing pool light recesses, it makes buying LED pool lights the smart choice when upgrading your pool lighting. We can also give advice on installing or can offer an install service for a professional result.

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More Lighting Options

Most LED swimming pool lights look almost like a general pool light, being round with a clear lens. Inside however is a printed circuit board with varying amounts of LED’s attached. The number of LED’s you need will depend on your pool size, which we will be happy to advise you. The LED lights have electronics to control both the power, colour and mixing of colours. Most lights have a mixture of of LED’s in the fixture and when these are mixed can create an array of different colours. Power regulation also produces the great looking fading effect between colour changes.

LED swimming pool lights have a lower operating temperature than incandescent or halogen bulbs which has the advantage of less condensation forming on the lens and other lighting components. The lower operating temperature also makes them more durable as the hotter temperatures produced by incandescent or halogen bulbs can cause seals and fixtures to deteriorate faster. This can cause leakages and ultimately lamp failure. LED lights are generally powered by a 12V AC transformer, making them very safe to use underwater. In the unlikely a event that water leakage occurs onto the conductors, the low voltage ensure that no body is at risk of electrical shock. We also have LED pool lights that operate by remote control, so there is no need to turn switches on and off using wet hands.

LED pool lighting is the modern choice in swimming pool lights that give you a safe, reliable and amazing lighting for your swimming pool.

swimming pool lights pool renovators perth


Please contact us to discuss your swimming pool lighting.

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