Vinyl Liner to Fibreglass

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Convert your Vinyl Liner pool to a quality Fibreglass lined pool

A vinyl liner converted to fibreglass is a great investment. Most vinyl lined swimming pools have a brick and buttress construction with either a concrete or sand floor. These types of pools can easily be converted to a fibreglass pool for a superior and better looking finish that will last for many years.

Before you repair or replace your vinyl liner speak to us about converting your pool to a quality fibre-lined finish. You will save money in the long term by not having to continually repair and replace your vinyl. liner. Most vinyl liners last around 10 years with many repairs in between, whereas a fibreglass lined swimming pool can last up to 20 years or longer*

The Pool Renovators is a licensed and fully insured pool resurfacing, renovations, restoration, and coating company providing you with the most professional, cost effective, pool resurfacing, renovation and restoration solutions available.  The coatings we apply resolve most typical pool issues suffered by liner pool including …

  • fixing swimming pool leaks.
  • repairing cracks in pools.
  • osmosis – pool osmosis repair – Perth.
  • rust on swimming pool surfaces.
  • damaged moldy pool surfaces.

What is the Process to convert my Vinyl-Lined Pool to a Fibreline Pool?

Vinyl liner in bad condition

Basic Process of Vinyl Conversion to fibreglass:

Generally, vinyl lined pools are of brick and buttress construction with either a concrete or sand floor (if sand floor, concrete needs to be poured and shaped over the sand before the fibre-lining can be applied). A vinyl liner converted to fibreglass will last longer and look great. The process is then to:

  1. Surface preparation, abrasive sanding of the existing surface, high pressure cleaning and chemical etching.
  2. Installation of attachment points.
  3. Application of the primer coat. VE resin.
  4. Application of the reinforcement material 300g CSM.
  5. Application of the bulk resin coat. VE resin Application of the under coat.
  6. Application of the final coat.


Beautifully converted to fibreglass


Advantages of fibreglass:

  • Similar pool water chemistry qualities but much harder finish than that of a vinyl liner.
  • Therefore, no cuts or tears. A vinyl liner converted to fibreglass can’t tear like vinyl liner does.
  • Fibreglass is tough and would require a hammer and chisel to create holes in the surface of the swimming pool.

Please contact us for more information and a free quote for your swimming pool resurfacing.

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