Ultimate Luxury – New Concrete Pool with fully tiled Spa

History of the pool
We designed this new pool to fit between the house and the future guest house, enabling the maximum saving of space so as to retain most of the garden. This created an illusion of the garden and entertainment area being a lot bigger than it was. The boundary wall was used to create a stunning travertine water feature opposite the hot spa pool. This water feature created a focal point without using premium space and also served as a privacy screen from neighbours. The house and guest house were seamlessly incorporated into the design concept, using natural stone and jarrah wood decking with mood lighting. The glass fencing added that final touch, creating an open flowing space that works beautifully.

Before After

Client brief
The owners were looking to create their ultimate outdoor lifestyle area which included a new concrete pool. They had a very clear idea of the swimming pool area they wanted. Part of the challenge was working with a very narrow block. Not only did the clients want a pool area but they also wanted to retain a garden. It was also part of the design concept to turn the outbuilding into a guest house and link the new concrete pool to the main house. With a little baby on the way, there were also time constraints to get this major new concrete pool project finished in the shortest time possible without compromising quality.